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Working for a small accounting firm may be the best move for you!

When entering the accounting world the initial temptation is often to chase money and run to the Big Four or other large firms, but before you head that direction consider the benefits of working in a small or mid-sized organization.No matter where you are trying to get a job, there are pros and

A Pocket Journal: The simple practice kept by successful people

I sat down with a college professor a few years after graduating. Writing and speaking had become a supplemental skill set to my job and was beginning to open up a lot of doors. Having my thoughts and voice heard by many was an unexpected turn of events. My discomfort with it led me to ask my

Put an end to procrastination today (or maybe tomorrow)

One of the biggest inhibitors to people reaching their goals has been the same every generation. "There's not enough time in the day". This has been blamed on tasks to do around the house and technology, on family obligations and lengthening commutes, but no matter who you are or where you are

How Accountants Stay Productive While Working From Home

The massive number of employees working from home over the past five years seems just to be growing. Even if working remotely part-time, employees benefit from more flexible schedules, decreased commute times, a dip in transportation costs, and a spike to happiness.  Employers get the benefit of