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Stress and the CPA

It is that time of year again. All your friends and family know the going has gotten tough. Busy season reaching it's peak. The good thing is that you've proved you can hack it. Getting through college and into a career in the accounting field requires sacrifice, hard work, long study hours,

CPA Exam Students Need to Know These Changes to Task Based Simulations.

You probably already knew about changes happening on the 2017 CPA Exam. Many tried to pack in passing all sections of the CPA Exam last year before anything new rolled out. The thought there was to take the Exam before it changed, so you knew what you'd get, be sure the curriculum you were studying

Have to Retake a Section of the CPA Exam?

Passing the CPA Exam can set you apart from the pack of fellow professionals jockeying for position among the business world. The reason it sets you apart is because of the accreditation, the knowledge it takes, and mainly the fact that not just anyone gets it. Passing the CPA Exam is extremely

Smart Work Vs Hard Work; CPA Review Students Need to Find the Balance

The seasons have officially changed, the pace has (hopefully) slowed down a bit, and you are getting caught up enough to take a few deep breaths. There's a temptation for many, when times get calm like this, to just put your head down and do some work. The curse of the highly motivated and

A New Face to The CPA Review

A New Face to the CPA Review

The day has finally come and we are excited to release AdaptaPass; a technology we've been developing for the past year. The technology behind it is impressive and we've tailored it to help you pass the CPA Exam. The idea is that each one of you is different so,

Time Management Tips for CPA Exam Students Working During Tax Season

Retailers have the holiday season, landscapers have the spring and summer months, and accountants have January-April, and beyond. We're talking about busy seasons, of course, the term of which is pretty much a big understatement according to most accountants. The next few months are chaotic, at

Two Changes to the 2016 CPA Exam You Need To Know About... It's Good News!

The CPA Exam is going to be changing before 2017. The AICPA Board of Examiners met in October and approved revisions to CPA Exam Policy thus moving "the eligibility date for testing new accounting and auditing pronouncements to the later of: (1) the first testing window beginning after the

New Direction for the CPA Exam

I recently read an article in the October, 2015 Journal of Accountancy, written by Ken Tysiac, an editorial director of JofA. As we all know, the AICPA has proposed changes to the Uniform CPA Examination that are designed to enhance testing of higher-order skills that newly licensed CPAs need to

Is studying for the CPA exam an issue of Quality or Quantity

Quantity vs. Quality goes to the age-old question of, “what is the best way to prepare for and pass the CPA Exam?” Well, as we know, the AICPA tests material in-depth to ensure that a candidate understands the content tested and how to apply their knowledge to the content.

Pass All Sections of the CPA Exam in 9 Months

An entire school year. A pregnancy from conception to birth. These are just a couple of things that can change entire lives in just nine months. Earning your CPA certification is also life-changing, and can also happen in just nine short months. Many of our students have proven you can achieve