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If You Scored 74 or Below on the CPA Exam...

Scores drop, and you find out how you did. Either you feel relieved, or your heart drops too. If you got a 74 or below, you might be feeling that all of your hard work was for nothing. Right back to square one, you go - or so it may feel. The good news is, although not passing is a bit

CPA Exam Content Changes: What's Eligible for Testing in Q1 2018?

 Yaeger CPA Review wants to make sure you are prepared for the 2018 CPA exam changes. There are two types of changes:

  1. AICPA blueprint and representative task updates
  2. Content changes resulting from accounting standards updates, regulation changes, etc.

Here's what you need to know for each

CPA Exam Score Release Dates Announced for Q1 2018

We are happy to report that CPA candidates will not have to worry about long score holds (at least for a little while) starting in January 2018. In fact, there will be four CPA exam score release dates during the first quarter of 2018. The longest any one person would have to wait is 37 days, but

2018 CPA Exam Introducing Excel, Cleaner Design

Change is nothing new for the CPA exam. The 2017 exam heralded sweeping structure and content changes.