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The PERFECT Schedule to PASS all 4-parts of the CPA Exam before it changes in 2017!

Although the CPA Exam is changing, there is plenty of time to pass all 4-parts before worrying about the impending changes coming in 2017! 

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Yaeger recommends the following:

Approximate number of study hours, and estimated length of time to prepare, based on devoting about 20 hours a week to studying:

1. FAR = 150-200 hours to be done in about a two month period (June 2016-Exam Late July 2016.) 

2. AUD = 62-100 hours to be done in about a one month period. (Late July-End of August 2016.  Schedule your exam as late in August 2016 as possible… remember, the AICPA has extended the testing window by 10-days into September)

3. REG = 110-150 hours to be done in about a two month period. (September-October 2016, testing in mid-November 2016-The AICPA has added 10-days to this testing window). 

4. BEC = 80-100 hours to be done in about a 1.5-2 month period. (Mid-November-2016 –End of December 2016/Early January 2017.  Test in Early January 2017-Remember the AICPA has added 10-days to the Q1 testing window in 2017) .

The schedule above allows all candidates plenty of time to adequately prepare for each section effectively and efficiently without worrying about rushing.  The schedule above also allows for any of the first 3-parts taken to be re-taken in the late February 2017 timeframe if a re-take is necessary.

Remember, BEC has the highest PASS RATES.  By following the above schedule, each section will help in PASSING each consecutive section.  And we all know the AICPA will continue to INCREASE the crossover content in between the sections.  The above schedule and recommendation will help give you the BEST chance of PASSING each section the first time, including BEC.

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