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The First Steps to the CPA Exam

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Jul 13, 2016 5:03:00 PM

Where to Start

Taking the CPA Exam to get your license is a difficult task made harder by wondering where to start. When it comes to difficulty, the CPA Exam is head and shoulders above many other licensure exams. The very thought of the review process can be cringeworthy to most. Then you look at the passing rates of students taking the exam; the time put in, the sacrifices, and you realize how going after a change in your professional career is going to effect your personal life as well. The first thing we encourage our students to do is take a step back and realize, as hard as the exam is to study for and pass, plenty of people are doing it and you can too. The second thing we ask them to analyze is how they study and what works or doesn't work for them. Regularly updating the teaching style you subject yourself to according to your learning style is crucial. At Yaeger, we're about more than repetition and focus on application as well because quality matters over quantity, especially with the adaptations coming to the CPA Exam.


So what can you do right from the start? Understand your resources and create a plan. We have a few steps we recommend taking right away if you want the CPA Review and Exam to be as painless as possible.


Take Our Free Assessment

We offer a free assessment that includes AICPA released questions to match the CPA exam. Based on this, we've created an algorithm to test your strengths and weakness across the topics found on the CPA Exam. In our assessment engine, you can watch the clock to check your pace and see your remaining time. You can even flag questions for review at a later time. Plus you can navigate to any question at any time by using the table of contents. In the end, we let you see each question to view the answer and an explanation. If you got a question wrong, see what the right answer should have been. Even if you answered correctly, check out of the official explanation to see if the rationale you used was correct. You'll be able to compare your score to other potential students and get personalized recommendations based on how you did.


Check Out The Student Portal

This is where we pride ourselves not only on the quality of education but also making the entire experience a smooth process. We combine our amazing curriculum with advanced technology and one on one student care with CPA Exam counselors and educators. You can take a look into the Customized Study Plan which offers a unique testing schedule, using a system designed to adapt to every possible study style. Online CPA course videos and community features give our interactive textbooks a personal feel. The Course Planner & Calendar helps everyone stay track with their CPA studies using daily, weekly, and monthly course calendars. This helps create short and long term goals that are easy to keep track of. We've also made it possible for our professors and other students to interact as if everyone is working right alongside each other!


Get The Support You Need

At the end of all this, you will still have questions, and that is why we encourage everyone to contact us to talk to one of our CPA Exam Counselors. Whether it's personal doubt or you are wondering if it's possible with your schedule, talking to someone who's personally been through it all and has a passion for helping you pass will provide peace of mind. We can recommend different curriculums, study platforms, and if now isn't the best time for you to take this on we offer solid advice as to when and how you should get started. Reach us at 800-824-2811 or email to learn more.

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