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Questions and Answers About Yaeger CPA Review and the Exam Process

People respect the accounting profession and the CPA License helps those among the profession prove their value while feeling more confident in their position. The confidence is a key factor that should start well before passing the final section of the CPA Exam and getting your CPA License. You should feel sure of yourself every step of the way, not just when you've reached your goal.


You will have a lot of questions throughout the process and may even feel stressed or insecure about all the factors. We want to take away some of the common questions, pre-emptively addressing some worry causing factors, thus increasing your confidence in moving forward from the start.


Many start off by wondering how long they should plan on trying to pass the CPA Exam. The timeline is going to be a little different for everyone based on their current work, family, and social requirements. Some try to pass as quickly as possible while others take a route of longevity to accomplish other goals simultaneously. The biggest factor you want to take into consideration is this - you should be attempting to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam in an 18-month period. The AICPA only allows 18 months of retention for a passed test to count towards passing all four sections. So if you pass REG in month one, FAR in month eight, BEC in month 14 and AUD in month 19 after passing REG, you would need to retake and pass REG again within ten months (because you passed FAR eight months after FAR). The sooner you earn your CPA Certification, the sooner you could make more money. You also want to avoid the test fees twice by getting them done promptly. Yaeger will help you create a safe schedule where you should have time to retake tests if need be. With our pass rate of 88% passing all four sections in 18 months isn't much of a worry even if you had to take a section over again.


Another question is how long access will last to course materials. Like we said, you should be aiming to pass in the 18-month cut-off time, but you will have access to your purchased materials as long as you need them. Yaeger will be there with you every step of the way but ultimately the time requirements of the AICPA must be met.


With a number of options around, some become overwhelmed and begin to question what the big differences are. Why do some programs cost so much more than others? Why do courses appear to offer different materials or allow access for different times? The truth is that some companies charge more because they have been and can continue to do so. There are two things which matter in CPA Reviews. They are both equally important. One is to make sure you pass the CPA Exam and the other is to make sure you learned and will retain the material. Yaeger offers a curriculum where you don't just memorize and move on but can implement what you're learning in real life situations. You could pay a lot more for programs that don't include the custom learning platform of AdaptaPass and focus on memorization just to get by the CPA Exam. Yaeger attempts you could take advantage of the ROI Yaeger offers and, again, remove one more stress (especially on your personal budget) without sacrificing customer service or the quality of your experience/education.


We hope this addressed some of the basic questions you have about the CPA Exam. If you have more you can call 1-800-824-2811 X 6 or email Sonny at


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