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Working for a small accounting firm may be the best move for you!

When entering the accounting world the initial temptation is often to chase money and run to the Big Four or other large firms, but before you head that direction consider the benefits of working in a small or mid-sized organization.No matter where you are trying to get a job, there are pros and

A Pocket Journal: The simple practice kept by successful people

I sat down with a college professor a few years after graduating. Writing and speaking had become a supplemental skill set to my job and was beginning to open up a lot of doors. Having my thoughts and voice heard by many was an unexpected turn of events. My discomfort with it led me to ask my

Great Tips for Requesting a Higher Salary

Applying for jobs is a daunting task. There's a lot of insecurity and often a rush to take an offer because you need income. This is especially true for accountants with limited experience entering the workforce for the first time, those who have changed careers, and even when you have a job but

Phil Yaeger took the CPA Exam next to a elephant...

People recently shared some of their memorable CPA Exam experiences with The Journal of Accountancy. Their memories sparked those of our own President, Phil Yaeger, who unexpectedly sat for the CPA exam in close proximity to a elephant.How did this happen? Well, when Phil was taking the CPA

Feeling a lull in your CPA Journey? Don't be discouraged.

You may be feeling in a bit of a rut in your CPA journey or even some discouragement from the new version of the CPA Exam and the updated score release timetables. There is always going to be some unique adversity when pursuing a goal, but here are some reasons to keep your head up and move

The Founding Fathers - The First Auditors

Fourth of July week is here! There's plenty to do - beach parties to go to, watermelon to eat, and fireworks to see. This is the 241st commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Historically young, the United States has experienced growth alongside the rest

You shouldn't forget the lessons your summer job taught you

Summer is officially here and brings back memories of younger days, less worry, and for most of us, our first job. High schoolers usually enter the workforce for the first time during summer vacations. Fewer students these days get to experience and mature in this way as sport and scholastic

CPA's, these three tips could save you and your clients thousands of dollars every year.

As a professional in the finance and business, accountants are usually way ahead of the game when it comes to analyzing their budgets, but sometimes assuming you are an expert can lull you into thinking there are no improvements to be made. Regardless of how on top of your finances you are there

Free Access to Professional Literature for the CPA Exam

Are you worried about research simulations? Don't be.

The AICPA offers a free resource to help you prepare once you receive your NTS (notice to schedule), available by registering here:

Shark Tank's Mr. Wonderful Has Wonderful News for CPAs at AICPA Engage

Earlier this month The Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary was a keynote speaker at the AICPA ENGAGE Conference and had encouraging news for the CPA. There has been a lot of talk about the impact technology and robotics will have on business operations. Mark Cuban, O'Leary's counterpart on Shark Tank,