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5 Qualities of Great CPA Students

The changes to the 2017 CPA Exam brought about challenges and adversity. The new structure aims to help new accountants apply their knowledge to the modern professional world, but the shakeup has left CPA students to navigate a new frontier. Being among the first wave was a difficult task for

How to Blaze Your Own Trail and Live Out Your Dreams as a CPA

Everyone struggles with "the plan" when it comes to the next five, ten years, and twenty years. These plans eventually spell out a lifetime of results in the form of family, quality of life, philanthropy, vacations, college funds, and retirement. Some get overwhelmed with the decisions and

The New CPA Exam: A Year in Review

This time last year we were are preparing for the new version of the CPA Exam to be implemented. If we're painting with a broad brush, critical thinking, and task-based simulations were the central theme of the change. The AICPA provided blueprints outlining every aspect of change including

CPA Hopefuls, Are You Already Procrastinating in 2018?

The holidays are over and many of us have set lofty goals. One of the most significant inhibitors to people reaching their goals has been the same for every generation. "There's not enough time in the day." This has been blamed on tasks to do around the house and technology, on family

A Field Guide to Busy Season, Studying for the CPA Exam, and Staying Sane

Being a CPA is only one part of your life - most look forward to raising families, having friends, and trying to find personal and professional fulfillment at the same time. Doing all of this during and dedicating a large portion of your life studying for the exam is daunting, but very possible.

2018, The Year You Get Your CPA?

The Holidays are officially over and now we have a fresh year to work with. The beginning of the year can be a little intimidating with all the ideas and talk of goals. People usually want to improve situations with their health, money, family, and work. For many of you, a large goal for 2018 is

2017 Was Full of Scandals, Take-downs, and Whistleblowers: What Can We Learn From the Failure of Leaders

Whether it be sports, celebrity, business, student life, or community, there is always talk of who will lead. Society needs those who will set the tone, are worthy of followers, and dare to push boundaries while guiding themselves with legal and moral compasses. There are many amazing leaders,

Thinking About Making a Career Move? Walk through these steps first.

People are changing jobs more than they ever have before. However, these job changes often come with the requirement to relocate. It may be easy to hire movers and take a road trip to your new home base, but it can feel quite uprooting if you have a well-established personal and professional

Five Great Cities for the Midwest-at-Heart CPA

Many say the West Coast is the best coast, but there's something to the slower pace of the Midwestern part of the United States. You can still get into big cities, but there's a different feel, colder weather, and economic advantages. Here's a look at some of the most promising cities for the

CPA Exam Scores are Coming Out... Are You Ready?

Your nerves might be a little high with exam results about to (finally) drop. Our guts turn, and we get nervous because the high standards we set for ourselves and the high standards, it takes to pass the CPA Exam. Don’t take this the wrong way; high standards will get you far. They motivate you