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How to De-Stress During Tax Season

Ah, tax season, the most wonderful time of year for accounting professionals. We’re kidding, we know all too well how stressful and exhausting this season is, which is why we put together this blog with tips from fellow accountants on how to survive with at least a piece of your sanity still intact. Even if you’re not working this tax season, keep reading, one day you’ll be there, too.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

With increasingly long hours plus the time you must put in studying your CPA review, it’s easy to skip meals and gym time to work in your responsibilities. While this seems to be a necessary sacrifice for your career, it’s not. In fact, skipping out on nutrition and your other health routines can have adverse effects on your performance at work and your concentration. The best way to keep up your healthy living routine is to adjust accordingly, much like we advised you in a previous blog on studying for the CPA exam during tax season. Instead of skipping lunch, spend some of your time on Sunday to prepare yourself meals for the week, this way you can have lunch(and sometimes dinner) at your desk so you can either work in a study session or continue working on your job assignments. As far as gym time goes, there are a few options you can choose from: 1) cut your hour-long gym sessions to 30 minutes and make those 30 minutes count, 2) keep your sessions an hour long but take your review materials and hit the treadmill so you can study and get in some cardio at the same time 3) suspend your gym membership for the remainder of tax season, instead choosing to go on power walks near your office during break times. As long as you are still keeping exercise in the mix somehow, you’re keeping your body healthy and energetic—two things you’ll need to get through the stress at work. Sleep time is also still important, though we know it’s nearly impossible to consistently get 7-9 hours of sleep during tax time. Make up for sleep time lost with short naps on the breaks you don’t use studying or exercising.

Keep Work-Life Balance in Check

It’s okay to say no to picking up extra hours on the weekends or even after your normal quitting time during the week. While you most likely will have to work at least one or two Saturdays or late evenings in order to give everyone in the office a much-needed break, you don’t have to volunteer to work all the extra shifts. Keep evenings and weekend open for family and study time as much as possible. If your kid has a performance at school or an athletic event, it’s okay to want to go instead of staying late again. 

Don’t Forget to Laugh

Even your boss could use a good joke every now and then. Keep your spirits and your fellow co-workers light by finding humor in work-related issues and sharing funny accounting-related cartoons and jokes to share with your colleagues. 


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