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Give Out Plenty of Holiday Cheer... and Business Cards!

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Nov 1, 2017 1:54:14 PM

We are officially in the Holiday Season! There are going to be a number of work and personal parties. Along with gifts and holiday cheer, your going to want to be ready to give people your business card. Whether you don't have a card or your current one needs a facelift we've got some do's, don'ts, and great companies to order from!

Simplicity says a lot

Make your card memorable, but there is no need to go overboard. i.e., excessive graphics, descriptions, or superlatives such as "creative". Simply list your certifications and job title is enough. This is your calling card, and you want someone to remember you by it. Some graphic or picture to separate from your card is a great idea, but right now minimalism is in. A simple monogram or symbol that you feel represents you is perfect. Just make sure it will retain its quality when in print.


The font you choose seems simple but a bad one can make your card immediately irrelevant. The people you are handing your card to may need reading glasses, so pick a large and easy to read font. It might look great when you are typing up the card on your computer, but imagine what it is going to look like after it prints. We recommend a font no smaller than 8 point for your title and keeping your name around 14 point. Use common sense when it comes to the aesthetics of your card. Gill Sans and Palatino are great font options. Make sure to have a friend or two give it the thumbs up before you send in the order, just to make sure it's great!

Who should you order from!?

It may be attractive to sign up for free business cards because of the cost. The truth is, they will look fine. The problem is how these companies often put their information on the back. They give you the cards for free because your business card becomes their business card. It is worth it to pay a little bit and have something exclusively yours.


Moo helps you create memorable cards. They are sleek, attractive, and simple. You want to make sure your cards can fit easily into someone's wallet and billfold. Moo offers both regular sized and mini business cards, so you have options. They also don't always put their mark on your card even when you get them for free.

Vista Print

They don't have the best variety, but this isn't a bad thing as you probably should keep things simple and professional. They are also one of the companies that offer the best bang for your buck. You can get massive discounts, just make sure they keep their watermark off the card.


Jukebox is an independent printing company which means they are going to offer a more personalized experience. They pay attention to detail, provide more options, and can help give you a unique yet straightforward card. They have more options when it comes to personalization. You can even get wood, bamboo, and foil business cards. You get what you pay for, which means these guys will make a fantastic card for you, but you're going to have to shell out a little more money.

Your business card might be the second impression you leave with someone. No matter what, make sure you would like the get the card you are handing out to others. Be proud to hand it out and hopefully your next round of cards will be printed by one of the people you handed yours to in the first place.

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