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Get to Know the CPA Exam Blueprints

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on May 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM
This year has presented a unique challenge to students looking to pass the CPA Exam - a reformat of the test. While this means new territory and a test unfamiliar to everyone, the AICPA has released a set of blueprints letting students know what to expect, and how to prepare. While this may cause unease and a lot of questions, we're helping you break down and understand the fundamental changes.
2017 CPA Exam Blueprints
Here's what you should know to start.
Know the breakdown
The first step is to know the specifics about what has changed on the CPA Exam. The AICPA has made this easy by providing a detailed breakdown on the number of multiple choice questions and task-based simulations for each section of the exam.
Understand what tasks could pop up on the exam
Content is not only described, but scenarios a CPA could be expected to know are also given. In fact, nearly 600 tasks give clarity as to what students are expected to know. This is especially important because the test is now aimed to ready the CPA student to know more realistic task-based simulations.
Understand why the changes are happening
The whole point is to bolster the confidence that those who pass the CPA Exam are going to be effective CPAs. You will be able to see the skill levels of material tested for each topic as well as the task associated. This will cover basics through the implementation of complex materials.
Know your references
The exam blueprints give lists of references at the end of each section. This includes guidelines and federal regulations which you should look into as extra resources to prepare. If you have a good base knowledge on these resources, you'll be well prepared and ready to apply your knowledge on the exam.
We understand this may still be confusing which is why we have gone through the Blueprints for you and incorporated them into our new curriculum. So take a look through the Blueprints for yourself but, for greater clarity, ask us some questions and we'll walk you through the changes and show you how AdaptaPASS is finely tuned to help you pass the CPA Exam!
Learn More about the 2017 CPA Exam Blueprints and how Yaeger CPA Review helps you pass!

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