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Feeling a lull in your CPA Journey? Don't be discouraged.

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Jul 5, 2017 12:54:25 PM
You may be feeling in a bit of a rut in your CPA journey or even some discouragement from the new version of the CPA Exam and the updated score release timetables. There is always going to be some unique adversity when pursuing a goal, but here are some reasons to keep your head up and move forward.

Clout - There are doctors, there are lawyers, and then there are CPAs. Once you've earned it, holding your CPA license is worth more than an MBA or even a Ph.D. Having a CPA license tells people that you are smart, driven, and hard-working. They know that you spent years in school working to stay at the top of your class. The goal was more than a bachelor's degree as you continued your studies with a CPA review. Then you pass the Exam while working in accounting to earn your required practical working hours needed to receive your exam. Yes, when your peers learn you are a CPA, they see a person who is going places.

A kickstart to your career - It's true that the vast majority of big firms and corporations seek only those with a CPA license to add to their accounting and finance team. Even though there may still be long-time employees grandfathered into the company who never earned their CPA license, you're still likely to surpass them simply because you took the time to get licensed. However, if working for the man isn't your style, you're much more likely to find success working as a private accountant or financial consultant if you have the initials C. P. A. in your title.

Career Diversity - You may get bored working as a corporate tax accountant after a few years in the business. To many a total career change would require more years of schooling and a figurative reset button; but as a CPA, your career choices are almost endless. Want to learn the music business? Work as an accountant for a music label, pulling double duty as a private financial consultant to your label's artists. Maybe you want to try out life as an expat, so you decide to pursue a career as an international accountant. Or maybe you recently married and have decided you want the simple life of a house, spouse, and a few children running around the yard. You want a career with good pay, good benefits, and great vacation time; a government job seems like the wisest plan. As a CPA, you can go anywhere, pursue any career in any industry, and find your calling.

Allows you to give back - Most people agree that if they had the money and the position to do so, they would become philanthropists. With a CPA license, the opportunities to do good are endless. You can offer your accounting services pro bono to local non-profits or simply to your child's school's PTO program. If you're religious, you can offer your knowledge to provide free services to your church or organization's financial officer.

* There's one more appealing reason to CPA: the almighty dollar. It goes without saying that a CPA has earnings potential that most people only dream of.

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