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CPA Exam Scores are Coming Out... Are You Ready?

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Dec 6, 2017 2:58:19 PM

Your nerves might be a little high with exam results about to (finally) drop. Our guts turn, and we get nervous because the high standards we set for ourselves and the high standards, it takes to pass the CPA Exam. Don’t take this the wrong way; high standards will get you far. They motivate you to a high quality of life and inspire others to follow suit. However, the bar being set so high means there will likely be some times where you don't clear it. Reality can hit hard when a mishap comes. Life hiccups and things don’t go as planned. There is a blank feeling, some emptiness, and a bit of embarrassment.

Understand the Situation at Hand

As a success driven person in a success-driven culture, even small failures can feel like gigantic disasters. Many do not deal with small things well. A misspoken word or mistake in an email feels very discouraging. Self-frustration can take over and blind the person who made a mistake from seeing the future. It’s probably not a huge deal, a setback at worst, and not a catastrophe, but it’s hard to recognize it as so. When a large problem comes, our natural reaction can become the biggest setback.

Take a Deep Breath Before Acting

The real problem occurs when a person convinces themselves, in their temporary blindness of the situation, the problem is something different. It can be easy to pretend like the only thing that needs to change is not giving up, taking on a more positive attitude, or the same effort as before only to a greater degree. The wheel keeps spinning even though it is the same wheel that already went the wrong way. People tend to keep coasting when they should hit the breaks. This momentary stop means acknowledging failure and stopping in this way is no fun, but it’s the only way to learn.

Test results come out soon, and you have to ask yourself if you are willing to hit the breaks. Hopefully, the test score comes back as passing. Most of our students will get the results they want, but many studying with other programs or no program at all who will not pass. The thing about failure is it demands one of two things - to be recognized or be repeated. The choice is up to you.


Make Sure Your Next Move is the Right One

No one wants to recognize failure because it does not feel good. It is just flat out annoying. Even worse is repeating the same mistakes and getting the same results. We have high standards, but the thing about life (in the world of academia and out of it) is how much is not just about high standards. Standards should be the boat that carries us across life's seas. If the standards are being defeated by a storm or a leak, you have to fix the leak or move around the storm. Doing the same thing as before is ignoring the problem.

We recommend finding people who stay by your side and roll with the punches with you, especially when they've been there before. If you don’t have this, find these people and resources immediately. At Yaeger, we have a passion for helping people out of their failure. We know our materials will help you pass and are confident in our ability to set one up that works for you. We developed AdaptaPASS to help you weather the CPA Exam in a way that will help you best. We understand high standards, but more importantly, our curriculum knows how to not repeat failure by recognizing what needs to change.

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