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CPA Exam Score Release Dates Announced for Q1 2018

We are happy to report that CPA candidates will not have to worry about long score holds (at least for a little while) starting in January 2018. In fact, there will be four CPA exam score release dates during the first quarter of 2018. The longest any one person would have to wait is 37 days, but could only have to wait 9 days. 

Here are the recently announced Q1 2018 score release dates (testing window January 1 - March 10):

Testing Window

Testing Date*

Target Score Release Date


Jan 1 - Jan 20

Feb 6

Jan 21 - Feb 14

Feb 23

Feb 15 - Feb 28

Mar 8

Mar 1 - Mar 10

Mar 20

*Examination data files must be received by AICPA before 11:59PM EST on the last day in the range.


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For more information and other frequently asked questions about the score release timeline, visit the AICPA's website.


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