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A Look Inside the Yaeger CPA Student Portal

Everyone is always looking at the factors that impact students learning. There is a lot of debate over issues such as where you study, what material you go over, and what type of learner you are. While figuring out the details you’ve got to pay attention to other bare essentials. Today we’re going to take a look at how Yaeger has taken the busy work out of preparing.

Don’t Get Buried

One of the biggest problems students have is staying organized. The problem is especially true for those who are working, starting a family, and still trying to live a physically as well as socially healthy in the process. Keeping any one of these parts of life in order is a challenge enough and thinking of all of them at once in intimidating.

Studying for the CPA exam can feel like an office with no organization or kids with no schedule. If something isn’t done, it will be chaos. This is especially true if you try to do it all on your own without any support or guidance. You wouldn’t try to run a company without the basics such as a secretary or file cabinets to keep things organized, would you? And you probably won’t raise your children by hoping they grow up as they should without taking them to the doctor or expect them to learn without a teacher. So, why would you study for the CPA Exam expecting to do it all on your own?

The One Stop Study Tool

The good thing for you is you have choices. There are resources out there for you, but you should be looking for the best choice for you. That is what we had in mind when we built the CPA Student Portal. It’s the secretary, file cabinet, teacher, and motivation all in one easy online resource. We combined technology and experience into one efficient CPA Exam multitool.

Features of the Portal

  • Custom Study Plan - Glide through a unique testing schedule, using a system designed to adapt to every possible study style.
  • Interactive Textbook - We bring together online CPA course videos and community features like nobody else can.
  • Course Planner & Calendar - Stay on track with your CPA studies using our daily, weekly, and monthly course calendar.
  • Community Enhancements - Professors and other students support your online studies as if they're working right alongside you.

Start to Finish

The best part of the student portal is the organization to put your mind at ease. No more losing papers or leaving your schedule, assignments, or textbook at home. Everything is organized into drop down menus, online note taking, a calendar on your home screen, notifications of future milestones in your study plan and much more. The material in the online courses is presented to you in real time taking the stress off of following along or sifting through material you don’t need. The notifications are another great feature as they will pop up to notify you if there's additional textbook content or resources available. Just click on the icon and it’ll take you right to the resource.

The whole point of our online portal is to provide a seamless guide from the moment you start studying to the last time you log out after passing all four exams. Stress of being organized does not and should not be part of your studying. If it is, you need to take a serious look at how you are approaching your studying and ask if you are setting yourself up for success or failure. Make sure your academic life is a healthy one being fostered by you and professionals alike and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits.


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