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3 Simple Reasons to Give Thanks For Being CPA

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Nov 22, 2017 3:18:01 PM

The holiday season is officially in full swing. Halloween passed, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and a December full of celebration is already felt on the radio, TV, and in decorations on the streets. Sometimes, everything can move so fast it feels like it all blends together. So today, take some time to "celebrate" by yourself a few reasons to be thankful for the profession you chose.

Before we get into it understand this -- we know it can feel weird to be thankful for something you worked so hard at earning. Accounting isn't a gift, per say, but that doesn't mean it isn't a blessing in its own way. Sometimes the things you work hardest for are the things to be most grateful for. The easiest way to break this or any other "thanks" you give about things in your life can be broken down into three easy parts.

The Past

We've all got history, and each and every one of our stories are unique. Some are part of a legacy while others pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Everyone has to work hard to get to the point where becoming a CPA is possible, but it's important to walk into this part of your life with humility and thanks. To get to this point each one of us had to make choices and efforts through some adversity and into resiliency. What's to be thankful for is to have had the ability to do this. Your efforts haven't been denied or cut short. If you've faced setbacks and still gotten to this point, they haven't been complete roadblocks. This comes down to simple things like health, upbringing, education, and financial ability. You may feel one or all of those haven't come easy, but being thankful for the mind and body to get through them is a start. Your past got you to where you are which is quite amazing as you still sit in the driver's seat of your life with the wheel in your hands.


The Present

Our present situations are an exciting prospect, especially for our young students. The whole world sits before you, and your life is full to the brim of potential. As an accountant, you can do anything, be a part of any field, travel the world or create a stable home, live a simple life or shoot for the stars. Not many professions provide the diversity or far-reaching potential of accounting. You belong to a profession that is universally needed, valued, and rewarded. Especially these days, there is a need for more young and upcoming accountants. The game was already in your favor, but now as much as ever the cards are stacked to your advantage. Take advantage of this and decide not only what you want to do but realize you have the advantage of deciding how you want to do it. Not every field of work has the freedom you do to be so specific to your professional and personal desires.

The Future

Having the smarts, ability, and current freedom leads to a secure and sure hearted future. You don't need to worry about stability as much as many people do. You will always be needed. This will allow you to take risks more than many because, quite frankly, they won't feel so risky. You also will be well trained in making good decisions, budgeting your finances, and creating a life that trends towards well-rounded success. If you choose to, you're going to be able to be a pillar for your family and community.

Take a deep breath and appreciate how far you've come and how far you're going to get to go. Consider giving back to those you care about, those who have less, and use this season of thanks as a reminder when it gets tough to remember all the work is worth it.

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