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2018, The Year You Get Your CPA?

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Jan 1, 2018 6:34:58 PM

The Holidays are officially over and now we have a fresh year to work with. The beginning of the year can be a little intimidating with all the ideas and talk of goals. People usually want to improve situations with their health, money, family, and work. For many of you, a large goal for 2018 is to get your CPA. The hard part about many goals is the thoughts in our head of “will this work?” and “is this actually the year it'll happen?”. Whether you're dreaming big or staying practical, there is risk associated with asking more of yourself. Goals mean admitting you are not where you would like to be and want to challenge yourself to get there. Goals mean you care. Goals, however, are not guarantees.

So, 2018, the year you get your CPA? How can you change that “?” to a period. How can we help you? Well, there's no sugar-coating some of the aspects. Setting the goal of attaining your CPA is a lofty one. You will have to sacrifice some of what you want at the moment for some of what you want the most. The people in your life will have to be understanding and supportive. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, you need to prepare mentally to take on the task before throwing yourself into your studies. This doesn't mean extensive therapy; it just means giving yourself the freedom to try, grace when you struggle through the long study hours, and perseverance.

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What can help with your mentality is scheduling out your goals. This might again make you feel a little nervous seeing the big picture, but it's like a marathon runner looking at a map of the course, knowing where the hills are, and when they'll need to make that last push before the finish line. Sending that same runner off without any mile markers or knowledge of the course would make the race much harder on them. They'd still finish, but it'd be unnecessarily difficult, harder to prepare for, and would be way harder to pace when how much further is left to go is unknown.

Yaeger helps with this process by creating a custom study platform with AdaptaPASS. Our study materials have been updated in accordance with the new AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints, so you know you're getting the most up to date materials. You'll be able to keep your schedule organized and set study goals. As you study, AdaptaPASS automatically refines your curriculum based on your learning style and performance. This unique aspect takes away some of the worries of holes in your CPA Exam Prep by taking your best learning methods and applying them to the areas you are struggling in.

You'll have access to many CPA Exam tools such as our textbook, flashcards, practice exams, audio lectures, video lectures, CRAM courses, and much more. Best of all is the second to none customer service from our dedicated CPA Exam Prep team. We've helped thousands of students reach their goals and can help you make 2018 the year you get your CPA.

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