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Five Steps to Take if You Failed the CPA Exam

CPA Exam scores dropped this week, and some students received the news they wanted. Many others who took one of the hardest tests in the world found out they didn't pass. A 74 or below and you have to start over again, think about passing in time, re-invest time and make sacrifices all over

The Reality of Working Remotely as a CPA

Jim has been working for an accounting firm just outside Chicago for the past two years. He worked out a deal with the firm to let him travel and work remotely as he followed his wife, Jordy, around the world. She works as a traveling nurse (i.e., she works seasonal contracts with hospitals

It's Time to Talk About Mental Health in the Office

Mental health is a conversation plastered all across the media. You'll hear it talked about at awards shows, in veteran communities with regard to PTSD, at your kid's school, and on the daily news. One place you usually won't hear about it is at work. While the stigma is changing, it's pretty

CPA Exam Hack: How to Drop the Phone When You Hit the Books

Okay, we love our mobile devices as much as the next person. Smartphones are amazing in all the things they give us access to, but that's exactly why you need to power down so you can focus. We are more tuned in, available, and distracted than ever. You can, and people literally do, stay

COSO ERM Changes CPA Candidates Need To Know

In September of 2017, The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released the ERM Framework: Enterprise Risk Management-Integrating with Strategy and Performance. The new release, the first since 2004, stresses the use and the importance of enterprise risk

Watch out for these tax scams in 2018

Busy season is just warming up, and so are tax scammers. People are just starting to think about filing their taxes again, and criminals know Uncle Sam is on their mind. They are using this acute awareness to slip in and try to look credible. Sometimes, they do a great job, especially to the

Study Tips for the CPA Exam

In January, the AICPA announced the dates when scores will be released for those who have taken the CPA Exam. You can check the dates here. This should help your preparation for the CPA Exam as you can see when the exams results will be released, you can minimize the time you have to wait for

Winning the Super Bowl doesn't pay as much as you think

You would think that making it to the all-time goal of your profession would reap some serious rewards, but you'd be forgetting a few things about the NFL. One of which is the NFL Players Union negotiated post season pay for all players. This is great news for players like Geno Grissom, the

The Super Bowl Question for Accountants: Would You Advise Spending $5 Million for 30 Seconds?

No matter who you were rooting for, last nights matchup between the Patriots and now NFL Champion Eagles made for great football! The narrative of the game was set up great as backup QB Nick Foles squared off with a legendary figure in Tom Brady. Justin Timberlake drew in a different audience when

Fresh Look Coming to CPA Exam in April 2018 [Q2 2018]

Accountants live in a world of constant change. Whether it is changing demands in our companies, changes to government regulations, or changes in technology, we are consistently adapting to new rules and practices in order to better serve our clients.

The AICPA announced this month that they