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How to avoid damaging your retirement savings from a young age

Most of us grew up watching our grandparents retire and enjoy their golden years vacationing around the world or relaxing at home. We had nights spent getting spoiled and weekend getaways (let's be real, our parents were dumping us off) that we loved and will cherish forever. The thing is, this

What your company can learn from the United Airline Fiasco

By now you've seen the footage and the onslaught of upset posts, tweets, memes, and even a spot on Jimmy Kimmel of United's violent handling of a customer last week. In case you're not very familiar, United had a completely booked flight and was trying to make room for four employees to get on the

Busy season isn't the only season for the CPA

Becoming a CPA comes with the stigma of March and April being the time of year you work the hardest, but also with the lie that this is the only time of year they need you. Many think of their relationship with you as a once-a-year check-up to make sure they've crossed their T's and dotted their

How to quit your job

The current professional environment has led to markedly different aspects regarding a career - specifically the ability to change jobs. Faster advancement in technology has meant an increasingly competitive job field, more opportunity to advance or fall behind, and greater capacity to explore your

Becoming an International CPA

This up and coming generation in the work force has a different set of interests than any before them. Not only is this generation the first to grow up with the internet, readliy accessing information from all over the globe, they are the first to see other people's lives instantaniously through

How would you advise a client making a decision on their passion when it includes a pay cut and potential risk?

Giancarlo Stanton signed a 13 year, $325 Million contract, in 2014. The numbers are staggering, and we'll get to them in a moment, but possibly more surprising is that he's currently playing for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. He's performing well, hitting a clutch home run in Saturday's

CPA's, beware of Hackers

You may have seen that the justice department has charged two Russian spies and two hackers for getting into 500 million Yahoo user accounts in 2014. Or maybe it was when Anthem Blue Cross experienced a data breach, opening up information to another 80 million. There are tons of stories like this

Luck is not real.

Sometimes it's easy to look around at people thinking, how in the world did they become successful? It seems there are camps of people who are "making it" who don't deserve to and others who aren't who totally deserve success, but haven't found any. The temptation is to look at someone and come up

Gen-Xers lead the way of the new workforce.

Baby Boomers are now the “old guys”, born 1946 – 1964.  The Generation X group is the smallest in size, butting up against the Millennials, also known as Generation Y, whose birth range is between 1981 and 2000, meaning the oldest are 36, and the majority are in their 20s.

Do Millennials Deserve All the Negative Connotations They Receive?

Sometimes, veteran workers find it easy to describe Millennials as entitled, lazy, narcissistic and addicted to social media. But, are millennials that bad, or just misunderstood? New studies show that Millennials are not that different from previous generations in their goals – they just come from