My FAR exam was yesterday and I wish I would have not taken it. I wasn’t fully prepared, but my NTS expired in 3 days, so I couldn’t move it back really. To top it all off, after my first testlet, I started feeling very sick – a bad headache, a bad stomach, etc. I just could not focus and I did not have any advil in my locker. I struggled through the rest of the exam and I am 99% sure I did not pass.

Right now, it’s time to slow down and take a break. I rushed through the 4 parts, in part because I backloaded my exams after receiving my NTS in October. So I’ve got one down, but in all likelihood will have 3 to take again. After BEC, I never fully grasped the next section before I had to move on to the next one. It’s time to gameplan again.

While it might make sense to keep on plugging away at FAR, I can’t take it again until July 1st. I may be able to fit AUD in near the end of May this window. Those are my two options, and I’m leaning towards picking Audit back up because I think 7 to 8 weeks would be enough time. Of course, I still have the 2011 book, so I will have to check for updates to make sure nothing major changed.

I’ll also be exploring all options – crams, audio lectures, making my own audio lectures, anything. I also need to find a way to “recharge my batteries.” It’s been almost 2 straight years of having something to study – whether that has been undergrad course work, master’s classes, or CPA Review material. My brain feels frazzled right now and I’m tired of looking at textbooks and multiple choice questions. Hopefully a week is enough time to clear my mind.

This is just a detour right now. I’ll be back and ready to conquer the remaining sections. Good luck to everyone taking exams this quarter!