coffee shop in DC

I realized this week that I only have 3 weeks until my FAR test. I know this time will just fly by because it feels like I just started studying for this section. This makes me very anxious about this exam that is fast approaching. I feel like I am really far behind and that it will be really hard for me to catch up. I have to keep doing what I can though..

Last week, a few of my friends took the FAR section. I asked them how they think they did on it and they all said “Oh, I don’t know, but no one passes on the first time anyway”. I know a lot of people don’t pass it the first time because it is something they really don’t know what to expect. I know preparation is key to passing the first round, which is why I am studying through Yaegar. I haven’t been able to dedicate the number of hours I need to lately, based on my family situation. I am hoping I pass the first time, but I know if not I have the tools to pass it the next time. So.. I have 3 weeks of studying ahead of me, then I move on to my next section.