Exam: REG
Exam Phase: Module 37 Partnership Taxation (Part 1)
Emotion Phase: Excited

I’m excited to be moving along my studying plan!! I finished Partnership Taxation part 1 yesterday and I am now moving on to part 2. I must say, this section is very interesting to me because my family and I are in the process of starting a business and a lot of this information is very useful. I’m serving as the “accountant” of the business and I need to make sure I’m on it. I remember having a lot of questions about partnership on my last REG exam. The multiple choice questions weren’t that bad, because they were short, but the simulations were a pain!

Just to vent, I think it’s okay to have questions that are difficult, but they should be relevant to the material we’ve studied (obviously), but I’ve had an exam where none of it seemed relevant….at all! I could have memorized the entire book and still not have passed that exam. This has happened twice and it’s so frustrating because you feel like you were robbed – robbed of your time that you wasted studying for nothing. I do think that different versions of the exams are easier than others; however, I don’t care if I get the easy or hard ones…I just want to pass just like everyone else. I’m really understanding the concepts behind all of this so either scenario, I should be fine– Like they say “you know it, you know it!” I’m studying to be a really good CPA because this is my career and I need to be in it for the interest of my family’s business. When studying, try to see the material relevant in your life so it can make more sense and catch your interest.

I don’t think I’ve shared this with you guys yet, but last week I asked my employer if I can study during my regular work schedule and he said yes!!! Can you imagine escaping 1 hour of work to study?? Such a blessing – and a great way to keep the energy flowing.

Keep it up!!! Don’t be afraid to comment on my post.