I am reaching to the half-way point and this is where reality sets in and one tend to hit the “panic button”. It has been 5 weeks into my FAR studying and I feel like I am not able to keep-up w/ the plan I had originally set-out to do.

Last couple weeks has been crappy.. a project at work and catching an cold have slowed down my pace. The lectures has been excellent but MAN!! there are so many little things I need to memorize and I just feel overwhelmed.

I have come to realize that 12 weeks is just not sufficient for me to walk into Prometrics and take on the FAR examine confidently. Presently I am debating how much more time I should add to this first examine. On one hand I want to add another month to my preparation so I can review all the required home work as well as run a couple test on Wiley Test Bank, but on the other hand I am telling myself I just CAN’T let my planned schedule to slip by that much! I feel like I am having a split personality much like the character Charlie/Hank played by Jim Carey in the movie “Me, Myself & Irene”. Arrghh!!! Hopefully I am sure i will have all this sorted out by next blog post. Man!! I just need to take a peak at the next blog so I know what happened… :-)