Something finally clicked in the last 2-3 days. After receiving my failing score for Audit, I was a little discouraged. I was trying to figure out what changed from BEC to AUD. I was trying to cram for REG as much as possible, but I simply ran out of time for studying. That’s what I get for trying to cram all 4 parts in the span of 3 months. My NTS expires on 4/7, and I have FAR scheduled for 4/4, and with March being an “off” month there was no way I could postpone my REG exam.

Needless to say, I left the testing site pretty down about REG. There was no use in not taking it, and I went in not expecting to nail it. I will be shocked if the score comes back even above a 70. I knew I needed more time to study, but I also knew I needed a new plan, a change.

I browsed around some of the other blogger’s posts here on Yaeger as well as a few other blogs and forums posts by people and their “study plans.” Something finally clicked for me, I’m not sure when. Here was my realization: Everyone who was passing and doing well had a plan. They all had set out study goals. Many even laid it out week to week – “Week 1 I want to get this done, Week 2 I want this.” My problem was I was just saying to myself to get through the lectures, then try to get through the MCQs, and then try to review. BUT, I didn’t have a timetable set for any of this. Scratch that. I don’t mind my failing score of AUD and my likely failing score for REG – I’ve got a new plan!

I know 33 days is not a lot of time to study for FAR. Thankfully, I am no longer working (it was a temporary job not really in public accounting and it was a good transition time for my employer). I don’t have a family to take care of, girlfriend, mortgage, etc. so I will be alright financially for the time being. I also don’t want to get caught up in the number of hours I have to put in. I know it’s going to have to be more than 100, but I don’t want to make sure I hit 25 a week or whatever the number has to be. I could study 125 hours, but if 100 of them are with my phone out and the TV on, then it won’t matter.

So here’s my game plan for FAR: By March 18th/19th I want to be done with all of the Yaeger lecture videos with a decent amount of notes highlighting major topics. There are 51 hours of video for FAR, but I know that I will have to pause in order to take good notes and be able to pay attention. From the 19th-26th I want to hit hundreds (thousands?) of practice MCQs. I did not mention yet that my 2011 Wiley testbank suddenly stopped working about 3 days before my exam – I usually do a lot of practice testlets those last few days of studying and write out important information. I love the Wiley testbank because it provides an explanation for each question, a little “fact nugget.” So that kind of threw my studying off for REG, but I purchased the 2012 testbank for FAR as well as the “Focus Notes” – a little spiral bound book containing almost 400 pages of information (I’m assuming “fact nuggets,” but I’ll have to see). Then, from the 26th-April 4th I will be going through all of the Simulations and reviewing my weak areas, perhaps watching a section of lecture if I need to. So I’m hoping this more structured plan (and more free time) will help me be as prepared as possible. Writing on this blog will also be a check, because I don’t want to be here writing on the 19th saying I’ve only gotten through 20 hours of video.

I’m putting AUD and REG behind me. I’ve got a new approach, and I’m hoping it works. I also should not be short on study time for this section. We’ll see how it works out. Good luck to everyone and I’m hoping for the best for everyone’s scores coming out around the corner – the last wave of Q1 is coming 3/7 or 3/8.