Exam: Reg
Emotion phase: Anxious/Energized
Exam phase: Module 36 – Transactions in Property (Part 3)

I gave myself two days to complete part 2 & part 3 of Transaction in Property, but it actually took me 4 days. I didn’t study long hours I just studied roughly 1 hour each day. My sister-in-law was in labor, so I couldn’t study as planned. I’ll be moving on to Module 37, Partnership Taxation, and keep the ball moving from thereon.

I was reading a blog of a person who passed all exams by studying 3 weeks for each part! Is that even possible? Come to think about it, I do think that it might be easier to remember what you studied 3 weeks ago opposed to 3 months ago, but really… 3 weeks?? After reading this, I realized that studying 2 hours a day is not really working for me. One is because I don’t study 2 hours (I study less) and two is because I’m not in “study mode.” After reading other people’s blogs, I was motivated to push myself as much as I can for a few months because I will have a better chance of knocking down the entire exam rather than scheduling one every few months. You might need more energy to push yourself, but come on… it will only be for a few months compared to a year or at times, even more than a year. The process last longer by scheduling one exam every month (causing frustration and lack of motivation) and let’s say you spend three months studying for an exam and come to find you didn’t pass!!! How can you recover and dedicate another 3 months to another exam that you feel might have the same outcome? I do believe that you have to take your time studying, but if people can take it in x amount of weeks and pass, why can’t I or you???? I’m not saying I’m going to study 3 weeks, but I am making changes.

I am going to start studying 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening or as needed. I’ve been studying since January and I’m so anxious to get REG over with, better yet, the entire exam! I’m going to push my limits to where I feel comfortable in order to expedite the process. It’s definitely not fun spending 1 to 2 years “trying” to pass the exam, we need to snap out of it and make a commitment to pass it within a year if not, in 6 months. Sounds crazy, right? Watch me! Game face baby!! (Ok, this might be the zipfizz energy drink talking, but I sure do love the energy I have right now!!)


Let’s make a commitment:

-          Self-discipline:

  • Don’t allow yourself to sit in the sofa looking at your favorite shows for hours just because you had a long day and need to “rest.” I do think we need to rest, but not for hours. Study during commercials, study one hour and reward yourself with your favorite show. Self-discipline people!

-          Release the Stress:

  • Take care of your body by working out and eating healthy. If we are going to tackle this exam in a shorter period, we have to give our bodies the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Working out will clear your head from all the drama at work or in your personal life. Release the stress!!!

-          Stay Focus:

  • Limit the conversations you have with people, especially when it’s about gossip! Ok, don’t get me wrong, don’t walk into your house and ignore whoever you live with, what I’m saying is don’t pay too much attention to the things that don’t even matter like sharing with your (fill in the blank) about what a rough day you had because (fill in the blank). Get over it and don’t allow it to impact your life. People/events move on and so should you. Stay focus!!!!

Let go of the breaks and blast off to the future! No limits, no excuses, LET’S ROCK THIS EXAM!!!