Much like the cyclists competing on Tour de France that starts out fast and furious…  until they hit the first mountain climbing  stage…  where your high-speed momentum wears-off and you are now busy downshifting to lower gears for the huffing of uphill climb….  Well…  that pretty much covers my mood and progress on the 3rd week into Studying FAR.  Much like the race, known notoriously for endurance and strength, I may have slowed down, no longer zipping by at light-speed, but the point is to keep at it and not to stop.

I came across a tip that would be useful for all “future” CPAs”. The “Aha!” moment came when I realized that I am wasting precious time marking and looking at the Wiley Book trying to figure out which problems I need to do as per Cindy. I also realized that I will need to rework the questions in the Wiley Book when I am up for the final review week, thus I’ve decided to create the “Answer Sheet” on an Excel file. I used colors to segregate the assigned problems and unassigned questions, so that I can just print out the answer sheet. Also this is a lot easier when you “roll” the answer sheet to the next section. You don’t need to spend much time to create a answer sheet.
Also in the last week,I have received my notification from the State Board of accountancy the “Payment Coupon”.  As of now I am all clear to pay the piper, NASBA and I got quite a “sticker shock” at it…  as in  “… DAYEM!! its now almost $800 bucks to take all 4 sections of the exam!!! WOW!!..”  All of sudden I have a flash back…   you see… back in College, I was enjoying my “extended collegiate life” and I think it was around $300 when I first started in the  “State Institution”. After a few years of goofing-off the tuition hike begins to creep up on me. One day.. I got a bill for  $3,000 for my “full-time tuition.” To which prompted me to act quickly and end my “collegiate life”.  As I no longer  just take the 12 units of classes to get by.  No no no!! Much like the buffet at Las Vegas, I kicked it into high gear and took on 20 units and 25 units of classes to “get my money’s worth”.   I had a great motivation now to graduate quickly as the tuition rate was rising in exponential rate.  It motivated me into the “hit the books and get a “real job” mode.
Fast forward to present day..  I am holding the NASBA  Payment Coupon and said to myself… “Geez!!!  This is getting ridiculous!!  Its time to finish-up the CPA thing once and for all and be done with it!!!  Just added another motivation, as if I need another one… . :-)