Before I begin my “rant report of the week”… I just want to give a shout out to Cindy Simpson, as she is “The BEST ACCOUNTING Professor/Instructor I’ve ever had!!” Seriouly!!! 2 years of upper division Accounting courses and NOT ONE PROFESSOR comes close to Cindy in terms of being an “Educator”. Thumbs-UP Cindy and keep up the good work!! :-)

After nearly 2 weeks of pounding on the FAR at a high pace, I have noticed a couple things:

1) Mistakes were made by me and I have realized that I can be more efficient with studying. I have ditched the “taking notes on a legal pad method” and switched to quantify the unfamiliar items, important definitions and isolate them to Flash Cards. The notepads is still being used, but mostly to gather my thoughts and organize the definitions and concepts. The Flash Cards goes wherever I go!! Stuck at traffic lights?? Flip thru the Flash cards… Going to lunch?? Flip thru the flash cards…Can’t sleep?? Flip thru the Flash cards… you get the picture .. (But for godsake, leave the Flash Cards when you goto the restroom.. have some “class” will ya??!!) ;-)

2) The day-after-day, 7 days a week marathon studying is taking a toll on me.. so I took a day off mid-week and did not study for one day, it was good to “recharge” for one day… (but “..OMG!! I am soooo.. behind schedule..” was my thought the next day.. :-) )

3) The message board we have here at the Yeager Review is pretty cool!! I just wish more people are using it, but I suppose there will be too much of redundant questions on the Discussion Board that one would have to sort thru. It is relieving to see that others are asking the same questions I have and that I am not alone.

It was nice to hear a couple fellow “bloggers” have passed the sections they attempted (namely Eric and Jessica, congrats on passing!!). Although we aren’t studying as a group, but I can certainly feel the joy of them passing the sections and the sense of camaraderie of being a Yeager CPA user/blogger.

That’s all for this week… the saga continues..