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My name is Melissa. I graduated a little over two years ago with my master’s in accounting (graduated about two years before that with my bachelor’s). I was stuck in a job where I didn’t get to use my education. Last year, I suddenly became a single mom and knew I couldn’t make it on my current job alone. Things suddenly took a turn for the better and I managed to get an accounting position at a large oil and gas company about a month later. I was so excited because I knew this would be good for me and my daughter. I found out that my employer would pay for me to get the CPA, so I thought this would be another great opportunity for me and my daughter, Addyson.

So, I went through all the paperwork through my employer and was enrolled in the Becker course (that is the class that they would pay for). I was so excited to start my journey of becoming a CPA. I was really let down when I actually started the class. It was basically me sitting in a class for 8 hours on Saturdays and they went through the book telling me to highlight this and that. That first class was a major disappointment. I walked out thinking how am I going to do this. They never actually told you the reasoning behind what they are saying (if they did, it was missed because I was trying to catch up on what I was told to write down). It was just memorize this and that. I know that when I sit down to actually take the CPA exam, my mind will not remember all of the information. I need to know the “why” behind everything.

A few days after that, I was browsing the Internet and I decided to look up CPA reviews, which is when I came across Yaeger. I saw it and immediately thought that I wish I could be doing this instead. I put it off, thinking well I just need to stick with the one I am in and it should eventually get better. I just finished the Financial review section of the Becker yesterday and I feel like I did learn something, but I feel like I am still very far from being prepared for the CPA exam. So, I will be starting Yaeger and I have a really good feeling about this one!