The big question would always puzzle me… Becker or Yaeger? I had heard so much of Becker and was sold when accountants who I knew from the big four passed using Becker! I didn’t want nothing more than pass the CPA exam the year following my graduation. In fact, I started studying FAR the same week of my graduation! Talk about outrageous!

My journey began with Becker and it didn’t stop until 2 years after failing all four parts (failed BEC and REG twice!). Obviously, my dream of being a CPA within that one year mark went down the drain. It was very disappointing. I didn’t want to study after that and actually took a year break for myself. Becker has worked for some people, but for some reason, it didn’t for me.

After my break, I came back with a fresh mind and approach on tackling the exam. I never heard too much about Yaeger, but after viewing their demos I actually understood what Phil Yaeger was talking about. When I saw their incredibly low prices, I had to go for it. I’m really glad I did. One thing you’ll enjoy is having a person in front of you lecturing you as you’ve always had since you started school. That’s probably one reason why Becker didn’t work for me. I would watch the pre-recorded voice over talk lectures over and over and wouldn’t remember anything afterwards. The reason why I didn’t remember anything was because it was all memorization rather understanding. For those of you who have used Becker, you can agree that some of the multiple choice questions given were never mentioned in the lecture!! – let me not get started on the answer explanations in the back of the book!

Yaeger uses Wiley and it’s very detailed. I need to know details in order to understand something. During the lectures, Yaeger highlights the important parts of a section and will put to practice your understanding with multiple choice questions aiming specifically for the section he just went over. Becker will lecture you for hours and go over questions that weren’t even related to what they went over. Is that really learning? During 2012, Yaeger has rolled out a lot of different studying tools. On my next blog, I will talk about myYaeger student portal.

A few recommendations:
- Focus on passing one section at a time
- Do not schedule your exam until after you’ve studied and feel prepared
- Try to find a study buddy to motivate you
- Focus on keeping track of your “studying time” on a daily basis